"New Zealand artist April Shin creates contemplative paintings on canvases, inspired by simplified forms, time-worn surfaces and rich textures from nature. She aspires to communicate a sense of balance, harmony, and freedom to the viewer.

Shin's early paintings (2000-2010) consist of diverse imagery on several smaller boards, harmoniously arranged on a larger substrate. She is interested in the new 'wholeness' suggested by the overall structure; when the separate images are read together as one unified composition. With this concept, she presents a metaphorical illustration of the diverse cultures in contemporary New Zealand society. 

Artworks (2011- to date) depict Shin's interest in nature. April Says "I am painting on a singular canvas. It deals with a larger surface so textures and images are more detailed and focused; the delicate line of figures shows my interest in people and their inner spirituality.

 I am developing the concept of connection, especially social connections and relations. I am interested in a core psychological aspect of mankind’s need for feeling satisfied with one’s life."

Shin is motivated to communicate with people through her art. Though the models are fictional

characters, Shin focuses on the human form - its gestures, facial expressions and poses - to express the essence of personal real-life stories and experiences."

Born Seoul, Korea 1976

Immigrated to New Zealand in 1990



Elam School of Fine Arts in Auckland University,

Masters of Fine Arts 2003

Elam School of Fine Arts in Auckland University,

Bachelors of Fine Arts 1999

Epsom Girl's Grammar, NZ-Bursary Scholarship in

Painting and Printmaking 1994



Untitled, Brunswick Street Gallery, Melbourne 

27 Oct –13 Nov 2022

At Dusk, Warwick Henderson Gallery Auckland 2008

One, Warwick Henderson Gallery Auckland 2007

The Doors, Warwick Henderson Gallery Auckland 2006

Rome, Warwick Henderson Gallery Auckland 2005

Form, Warwick Henderson Gallery Auckland 2004

Presence, Warwick Henderson Gallery Auckland 2003

Existence, Warwick Henderson Gallery Auckland 2002

Diversity, Warwick Henderson Gallery Auckland 2001 

Unity, Warwick Henderson Gallery Auckland 2000



Take Care, artHAUS Auckland 24 March - 11 April 2021


Mobile Art Gallery 2021

Art Associates Gallery 2021

Warwick Henderson Gallery Auckland 2018-1999

Team Mcmillan Art Awards Auckland 2006 

Mark Hutchins Gallery Wellington 2005 

Dioceson's School Art Works Auckland 2002 

Reflections Art Gallery in WOW Nelson 2002 

George Fraser Gallery Auckland 1999 

George Fraser Gallery Auckland 1997

ASA Gallery Auckland 1993


April Shin