April Shin's Art Workshop at OCC in Orewa

April Shin is a community artist. She is deeply interested in working together with people in the community through facilitating art workshops. She uses these workshops as a vehicle to raise awareness of the values of New Zealand society, such as living together in peace and harmony by pursuing the goal of creating healthy communities and living environments.

To use art as a vehicle to empower them and to raise awareness about lifeissues; to instil good, positive values. You would like to inspire others and to encourage people to become involved in the arts in a positive way:

  • to use it as a means for self-expression

  • to help them become aware of/discuss coping strategies for issues such as bullying and domestic violence

  • to celebrate the wonderful strengths of NZ culture- multicultural society

  • to encourage a greater understanding of cultural differences and similarities to value interculturalism – and respect for each and everyone.

#artworkshop #orewa

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